Automation Solutions (Home and Business)

The time is now...

Home Automation has become very reasonable in cost and 'somewhat' easy to install and configure. If you have a home, rental home, or business where you'd like to add some automation services contact us.

We'll come onsite and assess your requirements and explain the process to install and configure the requested components. Devices that you can control are almost limitless. Here's a small list of items that I would recommend. 

  • Lights

  • Locks

  • Thermostats

  • Heat Sensors

  • Freeze Sensors

  • Leak Sensors

  • Alarm and Strobe Lighting

  • Outdoor Plug Modules

  • Outlets

  • Motion Sensors

  • Cameras

  • Garage Door Opener

Once your devices have been included onto your home wireless network you can then create scenes to have things happen on a routine schedule. Lights come on at 4:30PM and off at 10:00PM. Automatically close your garage door and lock your doors at 10:00PM for bedtime. Control all of these devices from anywhere via your mobile device.

Here's a couple of YouTube videos that show a little demo of controlling lights and audio/video equipment via an Amazon Echo voice control.

We understand you may need help with more than just the setup of Automation Solutions. That’s why we’ve expanded our offerings. We’re happy to automate and streamline your home – but we’re even happier to take the much-needed care of your home & business technology entirely off your plate. Ready to learn more about our competitive pricing and packages?

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