Home Theater & Gaming

Home Theater Setup & Configuration

We will configure your audio and video devices for optimal resolution and audio settings, neatly dress and tuck away cords, cables and wires, install needed software and updates, and answer any questions you have about the equipment features and functions. We’ll also hook up and configure new or existing audio and video components, program your cable or satellite box remote to operate installed components, program the manufacturer’s remote control system, and install your favorite apps (Netflix, Pandora, Roku, etc.) Lastly, we will test your remote control to ensure all devices are working properly. 

Stream Digital Media from your Mobile Devices to your Big Screen TV

Ah yes, this is a great question that a lot of people are confused about. Netflix is a subscription streaming video service. That means by paying a modest monthly fee, you can watch available movies, TV shows, documentaries and more whenever you want, as much as you want.

Watch On Your Computer and Mobile Devices

The obvious way to watch Netflix is on your computer at www.netflix.com. There’s also a Netflix app for mobile devices so you can watch on your phones and tablets. You download these apps from the app store. Simply download the app, log in to your Netflix account and get to binge-watching.

Watch on Your TV

The best way to enjoy Netflix is on your TV of course. There are a number of ways to do this. If you have a newer “Smart TV” you may actually have a Netflix app on your TV so you’re all set. If not, you’ll need an external device that offers Netflix. After connecting one of these devices to your TV, just launch the Netflix app on the device and log in.

Here’s an overview of  the many external devices that offer Netflix:

    Apple TV
    Amazon Fire
    Gaming Systems (Playstation, Xbox and Wii)
    Some Blu-ray Disc Players

Most of the above are straightforward as far as installation. Of course, if you’re just too busy or tech-challenged, we can help!

*If you’re not familiar with Chromecast, you should know that you’ll need a computer to use it. Chromecast simply allows you to “cast” whatever website you’re viewing in the Chrome browser onto your TV.

Game Console or Gaming PC Setup and Configuration

We will setup and verify your online account, configure parental controls, create and verify user accounts, complete all system updates, connect to you home wireless network and/or integrate the gaming system into your home theater system. We’ll also test device for proper functionality, and answer any questions you have about its features and function.

Purchasing Consultation

We will guide you through the process of purchasing televisions, wireless speaker systems, and gaming systems. If desired, we can walk-through of your home to determine feasibility in all installation areas, discuss how you envision your home theater system, explain which items that can and cannot be accomplished, identify problematic areas and make recommendations on how to proceed. We will also show you how to use all your new equipment.

We’re happy to mount a flat screen TV for you – but we’re even happier to take the much-needed care of your home technology entirely off your plate. Ready to learn more about our competitive pricing and packages?

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