Prepaid Services for Home Computer Support or Training

Thank you for visiting our prepaid services page. You're most likely on this page as one of our support engineers has directed you here to place a prepaid order for a service that you're requiring. Please choose one of the prepaid services below, pay via PayPal, provide to the engineer your order confirmation number, and one of our engineers will connect in today to provide the required support or training.

$60 - Virus Removal

PC Infected with a Virus or Malware? PC running slow, popups, browser redirects? Let us connect in and clean up your PC today!

$40 - PC Maintenance

Contact our office today for one of our engineers to remote to your computer and run some of the most common cleanup tools to speed up your PC!

$20 - Software Install

Bought some new software that you'd like installed and possibly shown how to use? Call us so we can assist with your software installs today!

$80 - 1 Hour Support

Use our engineers skills for whatever your heart desires. Use this option to spend an hour with one of us (one on one) for support or training.