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SMB Security Essentials

Address these 30 items to secure your organization

Please download your checklist from here.

Use this checklist to ensure you’re accounting for privacy concerns, compliance issues, and the policies and procedures critical to maintaining a secure organization and a culture of cybersecurity.

Thank you for requesting this information. Please take some time to review this information. If you feel that your organization is lacking in any of these areas discussed please reach out to one of our Security Consultants to setup an appoint to come onsite to provide a free network health evaluation and risk assessment.

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When the assessment is completed, you will receive a Consolidated Health Report and Consolidated Management Plan that contain real, substantive information and recommended steps to remediate issues.

Interested in our services? We are waiting for your call. Call today to speak with a Unique Solutions representative about the full list of Managed IT and Security Services that we offer. (888) 417-5155 option 1

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