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Male business consultant is touching MANAGED SERVICES an a virtual interactive control int

Managed IT Services

Unique Solutions recognizes that there is a real need to define precisely what Managed Services are, and where the benefits lie for your business.

Managed IT Services is about good management practice - better risk management, control and flexibility, and a renewed focus on your core business strategy and intellectual property assets. Think of it as making your organization agile and fit - a way to, in essence, turn the information technology that runs your business into an on-demand, just-in-time "stream" - only what you need, when you need it.

At Unique Solutions, we have a proven production method which joins people, process and technology to meet the high expectations of our customers. Our Managed Services leverage economies of scale, expertise and automated operations that add value across organizational functions and provide benefits over and above cost reduction such as higher SLAs, reduced deployment times, and better alignment of IT functions with business goals.

Male business consultant is touching MANAGED SERVICES an a virtual interactive control int

All Managed Services are configured to meet your specific application requirements. They include complete hardware and software monitoring and maintenance, backed by Unique Solutions engineers and technicians, who are on-site 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year to ensure proactive management and responsive service.

What's included in ManagedPro?

  • Routine Security Awareness Training for your entire office

  • Routine Phishing Campaigns to see where weak links may exist in your office and additional training might be required

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of critical services on all Windows and Linux Servers

  • Advanced Patch Management – Download and installation of all critical updates from Microsoft (including feature releases)

  • Advanced 3rd Party Patching – Patching for applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, Java, Notepad ++, VLC VLAN, Adobe, etc.

  • Dark Web Monitoring - Scans the Dark Web for any business-related content that may have been exposed in a data breach or compromise.

  • AV/DNS - Antivirus and DNS Protection / Web Filtering & Blocking of malicious and inappropriate web content.

  • ManagedBroadband - WAN Redundancy and Failover - Cellular system to fail over your internet circuit in the event your Internet goes down.

  • ManagedBDR - Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution with Business Continuity - Local hourly backups that are then uploaded to the cloud to bi-coastal data centers for geographical redundancy.

  • Office 365 Backup - Live backup of all client’s emails, contacts, calendar, OneDrive, and SharePoint Portals - 1 Year Retention Policy

  • ManagedSecure - Inbound and Outbound email processing (Protect against impostor threats, defend against email and supplier fraud, Detect, and block advanced malware, identify risky users, Automatically Pull malicious emails with one click)

  • Managed365 -Managed Microsoft 365 email services -

  • Routine Network Analysis and Risk Assessments 

  • Routine (weekly) maintenance of PC’s and Servers, (OS Cleanse, Defrag, CHKDSK for hard disk health & errors)

ManagedSOC - Managed Security Operations Center -

  • Advanced Breach Detection - This app identifies computers that are compromised where security defenses have been circumvented. Malicious activity reported by this app requires immediate investigation.

  • Crypto Mining Detection - Detects crypto mining activity from browser based crypto miners as well as common crypto mining client software.

  • Cyber Terrorist Network Connections - This app detects network connections to various nation states that have been known to engage in cyberterrorist activities.

  • Endpoint Event Log Monitor – SIEM - The app monitors the Microsoft Windows or macOS Event Log for suspicious events. Detected events are security related activities such as failed logins, clearing security logs, unauthorized activity, etc.

  • Firewall Log Analyzer - This app acts as a syslog server collecting log messages from edge devices on your network. Messages are parsed and analyzed for potential threat indicators. When a potential threat or security related event is detected, this app will report the message in the Cloud Console.

  • Malicious File Detection - Monitors and detects suspicious and malicious files that are written to disk or executed.

  • Microsoft Exchange Hafnium Exploit Detection - This app will look for specific IOC's related to exploitation of Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 via CVE CVE-2021-26855, CVE-2021-26857, CVE-2021-26858, and CVE-2021-27065. It will also report the patch status for mitigations against these vulnerabilities.

  • Office 365 Login Analyzer - Detects logins outside the expected countries or known malicious IP addresses.

  • Office 365 Log Monitor - Multi-tenant event log monitor for aggregated data representing all accounts linked to Microsoft365.

  • Office 365 Risk Detection - Focus on the riskiest accounts, users, and behaviors. Determined risk through a combination of industry heuristics and machine learning.

  • Office 365 Secure Score - Overall description of cloud security posture with itemized remediation plans across all Office365 tenants

  • Pwnd Monitor - Check if your email and domain accounts have been compromised in a data breach.

  • Suspicious Network Services - This app detects suspicious network services running on an endpoint. While there are 65,535 available network services for legitimate use, suspicious detections are defined as well-known ports and services that are leveraged for malicious intent.

  • Suspicious Tools - This app detects programs that can negatively impact the security of the system and business network. Detected suspicious tools should be investigated and are categorized as hacking utilities, password crackers, or other tools used by attackers for malicious purposes.

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