Mobile Devices

These days, most of us never leave the house without our smartphones.

And almost all small businesses are connected to their smart phones one way or another.

Whether for home use or for your work needs, if you’d like to get your email, contacts and calendars synced between your tablet and computer, or you’d like to connect your phone to your home or commercial wireless network – our experts are eager and ready to help you out.

Mobile Device Setup and Configuration

We will setup and configure your new tablet or phone, help you download, install, and adjust the settings of your favorite apps, including the setup of any required software on your computer (if applicable), optimize your system and power settings, connect device to your wireless network, and demonstrate its basic functionality – if needed. We’ll also help you migrate and sync your contacts, files, and media from one device to the other.  

Purchasing Consultation

We will help you navigate phone and tablet sizes, data plans, service providers and operating systems (Android, Windows, and iOS). Our professionals will sit down and assess your wants, needs, and device expectations. 

We understand you may need help with more than just product selection. That’s why we’ve expanded our offerings. We’re happy to offer mobile device support and demonstrations – but we’re even happier to take the much-needed care of your home & commercial technology entirely off your plate. Ready to learn more about our competitive pricing and packages?

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