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Client Testimonials

Unique Solutions does a great job on two fronts. Online remote support and direct on-site technical assistance. The response times are critical for our company and Unique Solutions has always been there when problems arise. Few sever problems occur because Unique Solutions constantly monitors our serves and resolves any potential issues before they become problems. Datatronics highly recommends Unique Solutions for companies that want confidence in their computer and network operations.

Mark Robinson

Our firm has been a client of Unique Solutions since the start of our company. They are reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with. They have unmatched knowledge and expertise in the IT field, which has enabled our office to function more efficiently. I look forward to any inquiries that you might have in regards to Unique Solutions and would recommend the company in the strongest terms possible.

Thank you,
Jennifer Diederich

Unique Solutions is my third and last IT consulting firm. Unique Solutions provides the best service in the industry. They respond very quickly whenever there is a problem. That is the most important part of an IT firm - they respond and fix your problem within minutes. In addition, they know what they are doing. They have answers and know what is going on and will take the time to explain it to you. With Unique Solutions there is no downtime for your employees "waiting for the computer guys." These guys are good.

Michael R. Young, Esq.

To Whom It May Concern:
We have used Nathan Clark and Unique Solutions for our Information Technology needs for several years. Nathan and his staff have been very professional, timely and responsive to our needs during the entire time we have utilized their services. Our needs are small compared to some larger organizations that have multiple servers and dozens of work stations. Regardless of our size, Nathan and his staff have always met or exceeded our needs. Their concern for the maintenance and integrity of our system can only be characterized as excellent. We are looking forward to many more years of service from this very professional organization.

James L. St.Martin

You are by the far the most concerned business IT person I have ever met. Your genuine concern for your clients is amazing. No matter what time of the day or night, or what type of problem, you have always made your self available to resolve the problem no matter how big or small. Your knowledge of computers, maintenance, networking is truly remarkable. In addition, your willingness to teach people about their systems is wonderful.
I would highly recommend you and your business to my friends in addition for both their personal and business needs.

Elizabeth Freedman

Our company has been using Unique Solutions for all of our IT needs for several months now, and our business is now able to focus on doing business, rather than worrying about whether our technology is working. Calls for help are answered promptly and resolved in a timely manner. Most problems are even handled remotely without an on-site visit. They also stay ahead of the curve by offering advice to try to avoid problems in the first place. Having Unique Solutions on our team has really helped us to become more efficient!

Jeff Nigro

We have been very pleased with the level of service and commitment we get from Unique Solutions. During the installation of our new server Unique Solutions' commitment to client satisfaction was evident in that they worked through the weekend and followed up on every one of our concerns in the following week to ensure our satisfaction. Additionally Unique Solutions has been prompt and professional in addressing our on-going server and network needs, in most instances providing same day or next day service. Unique Solutions is on top of every aspect of our IT needs and I recommend them as a superior IT consulting firm.

Brian Fox, R.C.E., P.L.S.

Unique Solutions was recommended to us and I couldn't be happier with the quality and promptness of service that has been provided and the professionalism in which our account is handled. Even when I call late in the evening or early in the morning, I always get a quick response. No longer do we have to wait hours until a technician shows up. We simply call you and the problem is handled efficiently, effectively and promptly. I highly recommend your services and your company and look forward to speaking to anyone who may be interested in using Unique Solutions.

Rose Corona

I have two office locations that use the same server. I searched for a very long time for an individual to maintain the integrity of our computer system and our server. I finally located Unique Solutions and they have been a godsend to me. I had three or four other computer consultants try to fix the issues that I was having with my system, none of them were able to do so. Unique Solutions immediately resolved all of the issues and the server has been operating without any problems since they have been in charge of my system. It does not matter what time of day or night that I call, they are always available to assist me and resolve any issues that my system might have. Their prompt and excellent service is invaluable to me and to all of my staff members. My office runs more efficiently because of their excellent service with our system. I highly recommend Unique Solutions to any company that relies heavily on their computer systems.

H. William Edgar

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